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The MELO you find in dispensaries and the MELO you order online both contain D9 THC, but there's a subtle difference in its origin. The dispensary version sources its D9 THC from marijuana, whereas the online variant uses D9 THC extracted from hemp. It's important to remember that both hemp and marijuana are varieties of the same cannabis species. Regardless of where you purchase our products - be it a dispensary, a liquor store, or directly from our website - they are all made using components of the cannabis plant and contain the same key cannabinoid: D9 THC.

Grapefruit, Wild Berries ( blackberry , pomegranate ) more flavors and strengths will be added in coming months. Sign up for our newsletter, social accounts to get discounts and updates on new products coming soon.

Imagine your go-to, fruity seltzer that's refreshingly smooth, without the harshness of alcohol.

A 5mg THC beverage provides an experience distinct from that of alcohol, with more mental than physical effects. Your preference, the kind of experience you're after, and legalities play a role in choosing between them. Typically, you'll start to feel the effects within 15-30 minutes, which can last up to two hours. If you're new to THC, enjoying it perhaps once or twice a year, start with half a can and wait 30 minutes before deciding if you want more. This cautious approach helps gauge your tolerance and the beverage's impact. For those who partake in THC casually, use THC once or twice a month, one to two cans should suffice to reach the desired state. Frequent users, indulging three to five times a week, might need three to five cans to achieve their preferred effects, reflecting higher tolerance levels.

Edibles and drinkables typically utilize a distillate of pure THC oil, which is created through a detailed process of cannabis purification. This process effectively eliminates elements like waxes, sugars, and other plant materials, ensuring the final product is free from any bitter taste or smell - a frequent issue with homemade edibles. However, this purification also means removing terpenes, the essence that defines the distinct effects associated with Indica or Sativa strains. You might wonder, "If the oil lacks terpene profiles, how can an edible or drinkable be labeled as Sativa or Indica?" Great question. Some brands might reintroduce synthetic or naturally derived terpenes to mimic these strain-specific effects, yet there's no concrete evidence to suggest that our bodies can process terpenes the same way when ingested. The reality is, the impact of cannabis can vary widely, regardless of consumption method or if it's from the same strain. With MELO, the focus is on what matters most: pure THC enjoyment, free from the complexities of Indica or Sativa distinctions. Every sip is an invitation to celebrate the pure essence of THC.

Please refer to our previous question comparing Melo beverage to Alcohol beverage or you can check out our blog on this subject.

Absolutely, you're free to cancel your subscription whenever you like, as long as it's before your upcoming billing period. Simply navigate to your Account, select 'My Subscriptions,' and then press "Cancel" in the Actions section. Additionally, you can check your next payment cycle to determine the latest you can cancel.

Shipping & Return Questions

We currently use standard UPS or USPS ground shipping, with average shipping times around 5-7 business days. The cost of shipping varies depending on the zones and the weight of the items.

At the moment, Melo Brands does not offer international shipping outside the United States. However, our products are available in select local markets, including Colombia and Mexico.

We provide a 30-day risk-free trial for our Melo beverage. If you're not satisfied, you can return the remaining cans by mail, and we'll refund the full amount spent on our website, excluding shipping costs.

To initiate a return, please reach out to One of our customer service representatives will provide you with a return label. Please note, you are responsible for packaging the items securely to ensure they are returned undamaged.

We will cover the costs of return shipping. Your refund will exclude any shipping costs that you have paid.

The Best THC Beverage Cocktails

The Best THC Beverage Cocktails

The Best THC Beverage Cocktails

The Best THC Beverage Cocktails

The Best THC Beverage Cocktails